Panel Discussion: Underwater Noise and Marine Life – Impacts, Policy, Where to next?

Part of the FirstAfrican Bioacoustics Community Conference

Location: “New Lecture Theatre”, University of Cape Town

4th December                                     17:30 for 18:00 start. End by 20:00

Free to conference attendees, 50 ZAR donation for public

The ABC conference is bringing together scientists from around the world to share their research in the field of bioacoustics. There is a growing recognition of the negative impacts of human generated noise in the environment with much research and public attention focussing on the marine environment.  Reported effects including masking of communication, changes in vocalisation and physical behaviour, reduction in fish catches, increased stress levels, injuries, deafness and even potentially the death of animals. Internationally, efforts to minimise man-made noise in the ocean are growing.

This event brings together a panel of local and international experts to present information on the latest knowledge in this field, current and international legislation and provide a regional perspective on this important issue. The evening will centre on the impacts of seismic surveying for oil and gas, building on the recent documentary “Becoming Visible” by Janet Solomon.

Panelists & Speakers

Janet Solomon                       – “Becoming Visible” (Documentary 33min, 18:00 to 18:30)

Talks (18:35 to 19:30)

Dr Natascha Aguilar           –Impacts of sound on marine mammals

Prof Ken Findlay     – Impacts of a growing “Blue Economy” on the marine environment

Mr Dave Japp                        –The role of marine mammal and fishery observers in noise mitigation

DAFF                          South Africa’s legal framework for the management of noise pollution

Mr Stet Mushwana   –Historic and current patterns of seismic exploration in southern Africa

Panel Discussion– 30-45 mins