Becoming Visible filmmaker Janet Solomon objects to the ENI Sasol EIA for 6 oil wells offshore KZN Oct 2018 because:
The Scoping Report was not complete in the designated time and so should be repeated. Regulation 21 of the EIA Regulations (GNR982 of 2 December 2014, as amended) makes provision for avoiding producing another scoping report if the findings of the scoping report is still valid and the environmental context has not changed. This EIA report acknowledges that the area of operation is ‘largely unknown’, so context has not been properly established by the EIA, nor whether there have been changes within it. Considering that much baseline information remains unavailable and that many of ONO’s previous comments were ignored or the questions were changed in Sasol Africa Limited’s response to the public meeting held on 17th of May 2018, and therefore that environmental consultants ERM have still not complied with the EIA requirements as set out in NEMA and the EIA Regulations ONO are lodging an objection to the lack of follow-up Scoping Report and request that the EIA be suspended pending the completion of the scoping procedure.
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